Afro Hair

Does my hair categorize as Afro hair for your treatment? 

We apply the 'Treatment Afro Hair' to hair types 3C to 4C and the 'Screening for Curly-Afro Hair' for hair types 3A to 4C. Please check the table below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have booked an Afro Treatment, and it turns out during the appointment that your hair is not type 3C to 4C, we unfortunately still need to charge the Afro-rate. Afro hair requires a different, much more time-consuming, combing technique than regular curly hair (hair types 2A to 3B), for which we have to book extra hours and/or specialists who come to the clinic especially for this. These are extra costs that we incur in advance. 
When in doubt, you can E-mail us a photo of your hair.

Only hair types 3c to 4c require the Afro Treatment::

Hair types