Precautions & Guarantee


In order to guarantee an effective treatment we need you to follow these following Precautionary Instructions.

Also, if you wish to cancel you can do so without charge up till 24 hours prior to appointment, after that 50% will be charged.

Precautions prior to appointment:

1. Hair completely clean and detangled!
No grease, oil, hair products, dirt, tangles or extensions.
2. Hair completely dry!
Don’t put moist hair up in a bun/pony tail.
3. Inform us on any of the following conditions:

The heat of the AirAllé device can be uncomfortable, therefor not applied, to people with the following conditions:
– Radiation to the head shorter than 6 months ago
– Big open wounds on the scalp
– Metal implants tot he face or skull (not teeth)
– People that can’t detect or communicate pain, temperature or discomfort
– Hair that can’t be combed like extensions, dreadlocks, cornrows etc.
 Unscreened/untreated family members: Only when all family members have been screened by us, or at home with the Luizenkliniek Screening Method, can reïnfestation be prevented and total elimination can be guaranteed.
5. Real fur is prohibited in our clinic: it is cruel and a potential infestation threat.

Precautions during appointment:

7. Wear a light white top without collar or hoodie.
8. Yewellery: around the neck/ears, as well as hair accessories, need to be removed.
8. Bring along: clean top and hair band
9. Payment: Only pin/bank card (no credit card) & cash (limited change)


After a treatment in our clinic, all lice and nits are eliminated with 100% guarantee.
A reïnfestation however is always possible.
That is why we have a guarantee service of 2 weeks after the treatment, in which you are entitled to a one time 2nd treatment with 50% discount if a new louse has been found.

Terms for guarantee:

  • Valid for one time, for 2 weeks after the 1st treatment.
  • We need a clear photo of the louse send to us by E-mail. Please keep the louse.
  • All family members must have been screened through our service or Luizenkliniek Screening Method shortly prior/during the appointment and treated if necessary.
  • The precautions and our advice have been correctly followed through.

Our Terms & Conditions apply to your appointment. Read by pressing this link: